Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Time doesn't stop for anybody.

Not for the businessman who barely missed the subway, the reporter who missed the press, the athlete who crossed the finish line second, nobody.

I regretfully admit that recently I have been happy about this undeniably true thought. All too often I find myself wishing time would move a second faster, a minute quicker, and a day sooner. With Michael and I both having hectic school schedules and longer hours logged in at work, I was constantly hoping for another tomorrow.

But why?

We are newlyweds- barely married for 5 months. I am almost done with my nursing program- should I not soak up every opportunity to learn? We have jobs in our fields of interest- at least we have the means to earn a living in a struggling economy.

With the 2012 election ending yesterday, (and it's no secret it did not end in our favor) I feel a new sense of the need to enjoy every moment. Time has not stopped and life still goes on. We are still moving forward. While I do not support the decisions made by Obama, I do support the decisions and counsel from leaders of The Church. I especially believe in the following quote,

"Your success as a family, our success as a society, depends not on what happens in the White House but on what happens inside your house." - James E Faust

Michael and I still took pleasure in watching every second of the election footage starting in the early evening and going into the early hours of the morning. We even woke up at 6 AM to turn on the news. I am glad we exercised our right to vote and took part in this election. Now that it is over, we will still keep smiles wiped across our faces and slow down to enjoy every moment. 

A lot of exciting things for our future and we are still in the beginning. 

Happy day-after-election day

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