Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I have been really excited to write this post! It's about the destination of our honeymoon!

Some of you knew and some of you didn't.... but I sure didn't know where we were going for our honeymoon! Michael planned it all and kept it a surprise for me! 

So picking up where my last blog left off, we drove away from our reception as the sun was setting. I didn't even know where Mike was taking me! It's quite an exciting adventure to get in a car with your new husband and have no idea where you are going! Plus it was an added treat to have everybody smile and wave at our decorated car and my fluffy dress occupying the passenger seat on our way. ;) 

We got onto the northbound entrance as Michael told me we were going to Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake City! I was really excited to actually stay in the city and stay at Anniversary Inn. My parents and siblings have stayed there before and it was somewhere I have always wanted to spend the night. It was perfect for our wedding night! Michael booked the "Jungle Safari" room and I couldn't have picked a better room. Mike had rose petals scattered all over our room and the sounds of the water fountain flooded my ears as we entered the room. Going up the stairs led to our bed and to the left is our bathtub below the elephant. Right behind the elephant trunk is the faucet where the water comes out for the shower. Some added cool things about our room: we got sparkling cider (a favorite for me), cheesecake, Mike bought chocolate covered strawberries, a divine breakfast in the morning, and a huge list of DVDs to watch. Oddly enough, Mike and I picked to watch The Mummy.... a little strange for the wedding night... but we didn't want a love movie and neither of us had seen it in a while. 

The next morning we got up and headed to my family's house. My family had said they wanted us there no later than 11:00. When my sister got married we were all there for her to open presents and we wanted to continue the tradition with me. But there was something different this time. You see, not only does Mike like to surprise me, but apparently my family loves it too. 

At the end of the presents I opened a box from my sister. It was all my pins that I trade with in Disneyland. I was kinda confused why she would re-gift my own pins I bought. The next box I opened was another one of my lanyards with some more pins. If I wasn't confused before, I was definitely confused now. The next thing I picked up were two annual pass tickets to Disneyland and at the top was my sister's handwriting. She wrote congratulations and told me shed loved us. I had no idea my parents and all my siblings chipped in to buy Michael and me annual passes to DISNEYLAND! My sister went on to explain Mike had planned this all out and they all wanted to be a part of it. This was also the reasoning behind us being there no later than 11:00 because we were driving all the way down to California that night! 

It was crazy and I didn't even know what to think! I thought we were going to Midway or Heber or staying somewhere nearby and didn't even think about Disneyland! My favorite place EVER! 

My family got us all packed and on our way. We stopped in St. George because Mike had another surprise. He had rented a car! I was really happy about that idea! We got to the car rental and as we were walking in I just happened to glance to my left and see our wedding invitation in the drivers window of a brand new Jeep Cherokee! It had been decorated for the wedding and said congratulations. By this point I was so elated I couldn't believe any of it was real! 

We got the car and continued on our way to Disneyland. The next week was full of so many laughs and so much magic! I could never say thank you enough to Mike or my family! I love them all so much! 

It was probably a weekend of surprises I will never forget! Disneyland, annual passes, rental car, surprise hotels... it was a fabulous way to begin our HUNT for Happily Ever After! 


  1. wow what a sweet story :) I'm sure you'll put those Disneyland passes to good use! Congrats!

  2. Thank you! I do believe we will use those passes OFTEN! Our honeymoon was basically his first time to Disneyland and he loved it! I can't disappoint the man by not going!

  3. Wow, the Anniversary Inn looks like it was awesome!!! I want to go there. You need to put wedding pictures up, I bet you looked beautiful!!! Oh and I saw your hubby at Lowes the other day and I told him to tell you hi.