Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Laughter is the Best Medicine

I was really looking forward to "labor" on Labor Day. Michael and my mom were scheduled to work this holiday too which was great because that means meeting up for lunch and enjoying 30 minutes together. It's like our version of verbal communication therapy. Also, holiday pay is a great incentive for me to want to work. However, the census on the floor has been really low so many employees have been getting called off. Well Sunday night rolls around and guess what? I got put on-call. I asked Mike why he thought our census was so low right now. He replied "The hospital needs to quit telling people to get healthy!" My husband ladies and gentlemen; the problem solver.

Yesterday Michael went to shoot guns with his mom. I had a lot of homework to get caught up/get ahead on so I stayed home. Later in the night I was asking how it went and when it got to the part where he was telling me about the guns he used, he mentioned using a revolver. I knew I had heard the word revolver before but I could not picture what it looked like. I said "What does a revolver look-oh wait, never mind. Thanks Clue!" My childhood, game-playing memory served me well.

On an unrelated note- Go Ravens! Season opener game this Thursday!

Side note- I don't even want to talk about the length of the gap between posts. :)

Enjoy your first week of September!

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