Friday, August 3, 2012

What's happened since the wedding?

Becoming Mrs. Michael Hunt has honestly been one of the best and biggest adventures of my life! So much that I haven't been able to write about all of the amazing things we have done together! Which leads me to this post, my catch-up post.

The weekend after the wedding was my brother's birthday. We decided it would be really fun to get a hotel and head down to Vegas. The only problem was I was scheduled to work Saturday and Sunday. But there was a little glimmer of hope. We were over staffed on the floor so I made it known on Saturday I would like to be called off work on Sunday because I was going to head down to Vegas after work. All looked well and it seemed like I would be called off. After Michael and I got off work we left to meet Stanton and Erik at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. After dinner we spent some time walking around and then headed to a wonderful hotel room at the Hilton. We got to the hotel room around 1AM and decided to go to bed because of the "off-chance" I would be called into work I needed some sleep. As chance would have it I received a phone call at 3:15 (4:15 Utah time) from the hospital. There was a need on a different floor and one of the CNA's I worked with called in sick. We were in Vegas for a total of 4 hours before we drove back home.

To add a little twist to the story, the party did not end there! After I got off work on Sunday Michael, Stanton, and I went to Mesquite. Was I tired? You bet! But who can say no to partying for a brother's birthday weekend? We went to the Eureka Casino to play Blackjack and Mike had his first opportunity to gamble. Beginners luck was on his side as he doubled the money he put down. I came out barely over even and Stanton was there to enjoy his birthday weekend. It was a crazy way to end our first week after the honeymoon.

Our next adventure happened the very next weekend. I grew up seeing the Manti Pageant and Mike hadn't seen it yet. We decided to stay at my parent's house Thursday night, see the pageant Friday, and leave Saturday because I worked on Sunday. We were in for a total surprise when we got up north and saw a fire around the area that looked like Michael's house he lived at in high school. Mike called his mom and she confirmed the fire was nearby. Reality set it and soon all the other vacations were put on the back burner. We were headed to see Disney's "Brave" on opening day when Mike's mom called to say she received an evacuation phone call. Mike decided to go to his mom's house and get things in order for the worst-case-scenario. We were happy to have her come over to my parent's house for the night and we had a BBQ in the backyard.

The next day things looked better and it was time for us to head back down south. We left around 5 or 6 in the evening and started joking how funny it was we came up for the Manti Pageant but our vacation turned out totally different. Then Mike said, "Well, do you still want to go?" At that very second a road sign came up that said the Nephi exit was 7 miles away which lead Michael to say, "You have seven miles to decide if you want to go." It was kind of crazy because I had to work the next day, but we decided to go anyway! Michael seemed really excited about it and it was worth it having little sleep. It was a neat experience for Mike, he did some "bible bashing," we laid on a blanket on the hillside, got pulled over in Salina (no ticket given), and drove through the night.

Our fourth of July was like most others. We had a family BBQ, played croquet in the backyard, and celebrated the holiday. It was a special trip up north because on the 3 of July we went to the Timpanogos Temple with Brian & Katie, Jeni & John, and my parents to do sealings. It was important to me that I didn't do a sealing session before my own, but this was my first sealing session besides my own sealing. We had 28 names between the four of us. It was a very special experience and a time for me to really listen to the spirit.

Our next trip was Bryce Canyon/Yellowstone! These two trips were basically put into one big vacation. Michael and I ran the Bryce Canyon 5k while my dad ran the half marathon on July 14! It was very impressive to see how much my dad can accomplish! He is an incredible man and I am proud to be his daughter. My brother Brian and his wife Katie headed to Bryce with my parents the night before and it was so enjoyable to spend time with them there because we don't see those two very often. After we finished our races Michael and I, and my parents headed towards Ashton, Idaho. My uncle Kevin is doing construction on a dam there and my dad wanted to visit. Unfortunately because of weather we stayed the night in Rexburg and then left in the morning to Ashton. I think Michael enjoyed meeting my uncle Kevin and aunt Barbara. He thought they were hilarious, just as most people do.

The following day we went into Yellowstone to meet my sister and her family. We spent three wonderful, sunburned, buffalo-spying days in Yellowstone. It was amazing to spend those fabulous days with my parents and Jeni and John and all of her kids. We all had so much fun and I just love those children! I got tons of pictures of tons of different wildlife. We also ate lots of yummy food around the campfire and enjoyed looking at the beautiful outdoors around us. I forgot how much I loved being there! The only vivid memory I had about Yellowstone before this trip was the smell. I have a very sensitive nose and smell things from miles away! I'm happy to announce I have new memories of Yellowstone and can't wait to return.

The next notable trip was one we took separately. It was difficult for me because it was our first time apart. The reason I felt okay about the situation was because I went on a girls trip to Disneyland! Disneyland AND time with the girls... what's not to love? We had ten girls from my mom's side of the family go on a fun girls trip! I loved every moment! I was so amazed that we were all able to make it together and have so much fun. I was able to spend a lot of time with Katie before they leave to Mississippi for four years. I made some lifelong memories on that vacation that will always stay with me. There is no "mucking" around about that!

While I was in California, Michael went back to Idaho to spend time with his best friend Jordan and his fiance' Gabby. From what I hear, it was lots of fun and some much needed "bro" time. Jordan is getting married and will be moving to Florida so this was an opportune time for those two to get some quality time together.

Summer has gone by fast. But not fast enough to forget about another Disneyland trip. In a couple days Michael and I will head down to Disneyland with my sister's family and my mom again!! I am thrilled to go back a second week in a row with my mom and sister and to go back with Mike for our first time since the honeymoon!

Happy summer time everyone!

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