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June 1, 2012

I have been thinking for weeks about what I could write to give an accurate description of our wedding day. Wanting to remember every significant detail, (which seems to be everything) every face, every tear, every smile... but how can you put into words something so beautiful and perfect? I played the day over and over in my head and came to the conclusion there is no way to really write how I felt. That day was more than I had dreamed! It was so relaxing and so peaceful! Simply elegant and classic! We were surrounded by everybody we loved and everybody was there to celebrate the joyous occasion of Michael and I being sealed for time and all eternity! I couldn't be happier.

With that being said, I will try to re-cap the wedding week.

That week started off with my mother and I visiting the Draper and Jordan River temples on Tuesday to do an endowment session and another one on Wednesday in Manti. It was a special feeling to be wrapped up in the gospel and so close to the happy day. It added to my confirmation that I was making the right decision. The gospel brings so much happiness and truth into my life and I am so grateful to my mom for making it a temple week with me.

Thursday, Michael and I went to get pedicures with his stepmom and dad in Lehi. Little did Mike know he would be getting purple toe nails with polkadots. To this day the purple polkadots are still on his toes. I don't have toe nail polish remover and we never seem to remember to pick some up. The best part is when my dad sees his toes. My dad is the depiction of man. He hunts, fishes, works, gets his hands dirty, the whole nine yards; so it was funny to see his reaction. He was talking to Michael last week and then mid-sentence said, "You've got to get rid of those toes!" and then started laughing. Now whenever we are around my dad, Mike makes sure he has socks on his feet to hide his toes!

Later on Thursday Michael and I went to his mom's house to finish last minute details of our luncheon and for me to meet Michael's grandmother from Canada. She is a delightful woman and it was lovely to spend an afternoon talking with her and being at his mom's house. After, Michael and I picked up calla lilies his mom ordered for the reception in Sandy and picked up my bridal bouquet from the Painted Daisy in Alpine.

Friday, June 1, 2012

It started pretty early (2:45 to be exact) because we were starting pictures at the Salt Lake Temple at 6AM! My former roommate Shay drove up from St. George at 11PM the night before and got to my parent's house around 3AM to do my hair. Awesome friend right? We decided to do pictures early so we could have them with the sunrise and before our sealing. This would be easier for everybody who came to the temple so they did not have to wait for Michael and I to take our pictures together after the ceremony. It turned out to be one of our best decisions (apart from saying "yes" to being married). The sunrise was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and we had the whole temple grounds to ourselves. We had an awesome videographer present with our photographer to get two birds with one stone. We did the dress reveal/first glance right at 6. I had taken every measure to ensure Mike didn't see the dress or know any details about shoes, makeup, hair, or jewelry before the wedding. I wanted to surprise him on the day of the wedding and have it captured on video and in pictures. Our pictures turned out quite lovely (I'll post them soon) and I absolutely adore the wedding video!

After the sealing ceremony we took pictures on the temple grounds with our family and friends and then everybody except the videographer, photographer, and my mom left to head for the luncheon. The rest of us stuck around to capture some last minute bride and groom shots.

We got to the luncheon around 1:30PM at Mike's church in Eagle Mountain. Michael's mom made all of the decorations and cooked all of the food that was served. She did a fantastic job! It looked like a reception and not a luncheon! Everybody loved her version of Cafe Rio salads and her chocolate cupcakes! At first when Michael and I sat down nobody else sat by us. We couldn't figure it out and I asked my sister to come over. She said we should be sitting with the parent's and she didn't want to take away that moment. However, both of our parent's were already sitting and eating. Eventually my niece Joy came to sit by me and she said, "Maybe I can come have a sleepover with you tonight!" This statement really made me laugh. I have sleepovers with her all the time, but maybe we shouldn't on our wedding night! ;)

We finished at the luncheon around 3 and I saw the car for our videographer was still there. He had gone into another room to work on our video and so I asked Mike to let him know we were leaving. Mike said the videographer knew and he was just in there helping clean up the luncheon. I was super impressed with his level of professionalism and how kind he was to help out!

Next we were meeting at Wadley Farms to take pictures at 5PM. This left just enough time for Michael and I to take a quick nap at his mom's house before heading to the reception. As you can imagine, we were quite the tired couple. When we arrived at the reception we was completely shocked at all of the beautiful greenery! It was breathtaking. It was more magical than I thought it could be!

Before the reception we got to take a look at the same-day edit video, take pictures with the bridal party, and then got ready for the reception to start.  The reception went by extremely fast! I guess seeing everybody passed the time by quicker than I thought! I was so happy to see so many familiar faces from 3 different states, 2 countries, all the way down to local friends and family. Michael and I cut into our cake around 8:00 PM. After that we did the father/daughter dance to, "I loved her first" the mother/son dance to, "My wish" and then everybody together danced to, "Moonlight Serenade."

The next moment was so special to me. Unfortunately, my brother Jared could not attend. He had to work and could not make it back to Utah. Luckily we were able to Skype on my brother's iPhone. He was able to see the reception and we could talk live. Man I love technology. I am so grateful Jared could attend - even if through technology!

Before I knew it, it was time to leave. It was a little after 9PM and my family already had my things packed in our car. I had no idea where we were going because Michael had kept our whole honeymoon a secret! It was so fun! We passed through the line of our friends and family and got into our car. We waved goodbye and literally drove off into the sunset.

June 1 is a day I will not forget. June 1 was our special day. June 1 was a magical day, a day for happily ever after's, and a day to begin our new life together.

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  1. This is so cute! I'm glad you recapped your wedding day. I never did but I probably should! And you are right, no words can really express your wedding day. :)