Friday, April 13, 2012

Be where your feet are...

A couple weeks ago I spent a night watching several "I'm a mormon" videos (Visit "here" to see the website). One phrase particularly stood out to me. She said "Be where your feet are." I have repeated it to myself over the last few weeks and I am living by this motto. It essentially means that you don't need to worry about the past or even worry about the future... be where your feet are... in this current moment.

I must admit I am guilty when it comes to planning every second of the month(s) and evaluate the last month(s). However, I have changed my outlook on life. It is no secret about the amount of stress I have been under. Between nursing school and having class 4 days a week and working the other 3 AND planning the wedding, It gets stressful... but now is the time to embrace it!

 I have come to really enjoy life as an engaged couple. Michael and I have so much fun together and I am amazed at how much he can accomplish in one day! He is my constant companion and keeps me strong! He is my foundation towards a happy life!

I am eternally grateful for my family - especially my mother - who continually plans, coordinates, invites, designs and take on any other details for the wedding, school, and anything I need help with. She is the woman I want to become.

I seriously have the best nursing class in the history of the world. The camaraderie characteristics each classmate has is remarkable! Everybody looks out for each other and every student is there for each other at any moment. They post notes, hold countless hours of study groups into the endless hours of the night, and they always do it with a smile. They are all so smart and I am so blessed to be in this class!

I have come to love being engaged. I am enjoying this new chapter in my life. I still get butterflies being with Mike and I love being able to call him my fiance'. I would not wish it to go by any faster, (definitely not any slower) but I am enjoying life's simple moments.

 I love Michael, I love my family, I love being a nursing student... and.... I am where my feet are!

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  1. Thank you for this post, Sarah! Sometimes I get sooo caught up in wedding planning myself that I just say to myself "I can't wait until I'm married!" To get though finals, and work, and living with roommates... But this helped me to remember to really enjoy where I am right NOW and enjoy the moments that I'm living in currently. Being engaged isn't something to rush through, and it really is something that I need to enjoy, and to "Be where my feet are." So thank you for sharing this!